03/12 Nobel 3.1

Huge factory floor of the oldest mechanical plant in the world «Ludwig Nobel» opens its doors to host music adepts and to start the night of audiovisual and musical experiments.  December 3, 2016 The factory will be presented as a unique art project, created from the genuine product of the industrial architecture.

Factory floor

  • Byetone LIVE (raster-noton/ Berlin)
  • YYYY LIVE (Planet Rhythm Records, Weekend Circuit/ Buenos-Aires)
  • PRCDRL LIVE (m_division/ Berlin)
  • Ivan Logos (m_division/ Saint-Petersburg)
  • Eye Que b2b naya (Subspace/ Saint-Petersburg/ Moscow)
  • Kobba (m_division/ Saint-Petersburg)

Ludvig Nobel's Cabinet

  • Rayo (Arma 17, Feeleed/ Odessa)
  • Shutta (Roots United/ Saint-Petersburg)
  • Lena Popova (Saint-Petersburg)
  • Hoopa (Roots United/ Saint-Petersburg)
  • Discotopia (Raw Union/ Voronezh)
  • Sanys (Downfall Theory/ Saint-Petersburg)

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